HCG Injections

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HCG Injections

Binz offers HCG injections for weight loss and boosting metabolism.

Human Chorionic Gonatropin or ‘HCG’ is a hormone produced by both men and women. Commonly known as the pregnancy hormone, HCG has many uses. HCG is produced in high volumes during pregnancy and can also help with fertility. However used in the right dosage, it can be used to boost metabolism, suppress cravings, boost energy which, when combined lead to weight reduction.

How does HCG work in your Body

  1. Prevents starvation response
    HCG prevents the body’s starvation response from being triggered, thus keeping lean muscle tissue & protecting the fat that protects our vital organs.
  2. Mobilizes stored fat
    It helps mobilize stored fat, to be used as fuel or energy by the body. In other words, it targets all your ‘hard to lose’ areas.
  3. Reduces dieting side effects
    HCG reduces cravings, headaches and fatigue, which is usually, associated with low calorie diets. This happens because HCG works directly with the hypothalamic regulatory center and resets the metabolism to a fat burning mode.

HCG is presented in the injection form, it is easy to apply, and easy to follow. We offer a variety of different packages with this hormone, depending on the weight you are looking to lose.

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