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Adolescent Years

Guiding young women as they experience physical development in adolescence.

As a girl transitions into her teenage years, she will experience her first menstruation and notice significant changes to her body. During this transformative stage of womanhood, we recommend first seeing our patients be between the ages of 13-15. Our OBGYN doctors create a comfortable environment for our young patients to feel safe and cared for. We go over changes our patients may be experiencing, and provide care and mentoring to keep them educated about their body.

Physical Development in Adolescence

When a girl undergoes her first period, she will notice her body changing as she grows older. Menstruation usually begins between the ages of nine to 16, and tends to happen around the same age of her mother or other sibling. As her estrogen levels increase, she will notice new curves on her body, breast development, height increase, new body hair, acne, and changes in weight. All are normal effects of going through the stages of puberty.

Adolescent Gynecology: Conditions and Treatments

At Plaza OB/GYN, we treat various conditions that females may experience during the adolescent years. Our physicians specialize in treating gynecological conditions commonly experienced during adolescence.


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