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Stages of Womanhood

Learn more about the female developmental stages and the OBGYN healthcare needed during these years.

At Plaza OB/GYN, we strive to educate our patients about the different stages of womanhood they will experience in their lives. Through the four stages of womanhood, our OBGYN doctors in Houston guide our patients and provide them with the knowledge to be educated about their health and changes to their bodies.

Adolescent Years

As a girl transitions into her teenage years, she will experience her first menstruation and notice significant changes to her body. During this transformative stage of womanhood, we recommend first seeing our patients be between the ages of 13-15. Our OBGYN doctors create a comfortable environment for our young patients to feel safe and cared for. We go over changes our patients may be experiencing, and provide care and mentoring to keep them educated about their body.

Reproductive Years

With our patients in this stage, we confer regarding their menstrual cycles, sexual habits, changes in body composition, and the prospect of having children. We also discuss potential conditions they may be experiencing, and provide solutions when needed. Once a patient is 21 years of age, we encourage an annual pap smear to be administered.

Transitional Years

In the late stages of a woman's reproductive years, our patients may experience new problems and conditions, especially in regards to changing hormone levels. Changes in a patient's emotional and stress levels are commonplace during the transitional years. We generally screen for breast, hormone and cervical conditions in this stage.

Mature Years

Once a woman becomes postmenopausal, our OBGYN doctors begin screening for new health conditions. We examine our postmenopausal patients for hormone changes, osteoporosis, mammograms for breast cancer, and other conditions. We discuss with our patients ways to remain healthy as they continue to experience physical and emotional changes. Our doctors will also choose appropriate surgeries or procedures if needed.