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Miscarriage Treatment

Plaza OB/GYN's expert physicians help women overcome health complications and achieve pregnancy after miscarriage.

Experiencing a miscarriage can be crushing for women, but our OBGYN doctors are determined to find a solution that will enable every patient a to have a successful pregnancy. Fortunately, if a woman experiences a miscarriage, chances of experiencing another one are low. Many women who experience pregnancy loss go on to have a healthy, full-term one in the future.

Pregnancy Loss: Miscarriage Signs, Causes and Symptoms

Our doctors work with our patients who have experienced one or more miscarriages. To help women overcome miscarriage and its complications, we evaluate several possible causes and work to find a treatment immediately. Generally, miscarriages are most common during the first three months of pregnancy from a patient missing a period, another similar complication, or simply not knowing they were pregnant. Some of the most prominent causes of miscarriages in women include:

  • Chromosome and gene abnormalities
  • Infections
  • Uterine and cervical structural abnormalities
  • Fibroids
  • Health and lifestyle choices
  • Thyroid problems
  • Blood disorders

We offer a complete evaluation for pregnancy losses and recommend a treatment plan to prevent re-occurrence. Dr. Balat and his Associates will have an open conversation with you to highlight which area might have led to your miscarriage. By identifying symptoms including cramping and abnormal bleeding, we will be able to quickly pinpoint a possible miscarriage and help prevent it.

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