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Bone Density Screening

Plaza OB/GYN and our Houston OBGYN physicians identify osteoporosis in its early stages using our reliable bone densitometry procedure.

To gain better insight into a patient's bones, our OBGYN physicians can perform bone densitometry testing to identify osteopenia or osteoporosis. Unlike a typical X-ray machine, radiation exposure during bone densitometry is extremely low, with the entire process taking only minutes to complete depending on the number of sites scanned. It involves no injections or invasive procedures, and the patient remains fully clothed.

Bone Densitometry Using DEXA

DEXA is the standard X-ray treatment in measuring a patient's bone mineral density (BMD). As women move on to the next phase of their lives after menopause, conditions like osteoporosis may appear as bones lose calcium and experience structural changes. To identify if a patient is experiencing or likely to experience osteoporosis, our DEXA treatment method features benefits including:

  • Safe and low radiation
  • Fast and comfortable treatment
  • Easy procedure as patients remain clothed
  • Painless and non-invasive

Bone density screenings are usually recommended to women who are post-menopausal. Testing is also highly recommended to patients with bone fracture history or conditions linked to bone loss. As bones lose their strength and become more brittle, chances of osteoporosis may be higher. Our bone densitometry with DEXA gives us a clear look into your current bone health.

Preparing for Bone Density Scanning

Unless instructed otherwise by one of our physicians, eat normally on the day of the exam but avoid taking calcium supplements for at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. We also encourage you to wear loose and comfortable clothing. Sweat suits and other casual attire without zippers, buttons, grommets, or any metal are preferred.

You should not have had a barium study, radioisotope injection, oral or intravenous contrast material from CT scan or MRI within seven days prior to your DEXA test. If you are a patient with any medical history regarding bone fractures or are currently taking medication known to cause bone loss, identify our physicians and we will assit you accordingly.

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