Houston Obstetrics

Plaza OB/GYN offers comprehensive obstetrics care in Houston.

obstetrical care

With a focus on patient comfort and care, Plaza OB/GYN is dedicated to helping women achieve successful pregnancies. From routine screening procedures such as pregnancy tests to fertility treatments and monitoring for high-risk pregnancies, our Houston obstetricians offer the highest level of care in a comfortable environment.

  • Prenatal counseling
  • Pregnancy testing and screening
  • High-risk pregnancy monitoring
  • Fertility testing and treatments
  • Labor and delivery - vaginal, Cesarean section, and VBAC
  • Endometriosis diagnostics and treatment

We offer complete care for before, during, and after delivery, including testing, screening, counseling, ultrasound examination, monitoring, and delivery for routine and high-risk pregnancies to help women reach the next stage of their lives as parents.

OB/GYN Specialist Houston

Plaza OB/GYN offers comprehensive obstetrics care for exceptional prenatal care and delivery.

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