Endometriosis Specialist Houston

Endometriosis specialist Houston Dr. Isam Balat helps women treat their endometriosis symptoms.

As a lifetime member of the Endometriosis Association, Dr. Balat's expertise as a Houston endometriosis specialist has helped women manage, treat, and overcome the symptoms of endometriosis. Dr. Balat analyzes and evaluates each patient with the utmost care to identify whether or not they suffer from this condition and recommends the appropriate treatment for their endometriosis relief and symptom management. 

  • Thorough examination and diagnosis of endometriosis 
  • Minimally-invasive treatment options, including operative laparoscopy, medication, and hormone therapy 
  • In-house evaluation and treatment for endometriosis and related conditions such as infertility

Take control of your health with better symptom and pain management from Dr. Isam Balat, renowned endometriosis specialist Houston! Submit the form for more information or to schedule an appointment!

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