You're Pregnant - Now What?

You're Pregnant - Now What?

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You can hardly believe your eyes, but there's no denying it: there are definitely two lines on that pregnancy test you just took a few minutes ago. Many women who find out that they are pregnant feel a mixture of emotions all at one time, ranging from excitement and fear to love and uncertainty. It might take a moment to set in, but you know you are pregnant. So, what comes next?

Schedule an Appointment with Your Houston OB/GYN

After you have let the big news sink in, one of the first phone calls you need to make is to your Houston OB/GYN office. In most cases, you will not need to come in for your first prenatal appointment until you are between 8-10 weeks along. However, there are some women that should be seen sooner due to pre-existing conditions, previous fertility complications, and general health history. Once you know that you are pregnant, you should call your OB/GYN to find out more information about when it will be best for you to be seen by a doctor.

Begin Enjoying a Healthy, Balanced Diet

A healthy, balanced diet is an important part of any reproductive health care regimen, but it's particularly critical during pregnancy. Now that you are eating for two, you will want to enjoy a diet that is packed full of vitamins and nutrients. Once you find out that you are pregnant, you should start eating plenty of lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy and whole grains. Be sure to incorporate foods that are rich in both folic acid and iron. Also, there are some foods that you should avoid while pregnant. Unpasteurized cheeses, processed meats and fish that have high mercury levels are a few examples of food that you should refrain from eating. Pregnant women also should not smoke, take recreational drugs, or consume alcohol.

Learn More About the Changes You Can Expect in the Coming Weeks

The first few weeks of pregnancy usher in many changes to your body. You might notice the first signs of morning sickness in the days and weeks after your positive pregnancy test. Your breasts may become tender, and you may experience significant fatigue. Bloating is not uncommon in the first trimester. Every woman is different, and every pregnancy is unique, so it's important to discuss your symptoms with your Houston OB/GYN and develop a prenatal care plan that is specifically suited to your needs.

Life changes in an instant from the minute you find out you are expecting a new little one. Whether this is your first pregnancy or your fifth pregnancy, it's important that you work closely with a Houston OB/GYN who will provide you with the personalized care and attention you deserve. For more information on having a healthy and happy pregnancy, contact Plaza OB/GYN today.

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