The Importance of Breast Cancer Screening at Your Well Woman Exam Houston

The Importance of Breast Cancer Screening at Your Well Woman Exam Houston

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At Plaza OBGYN, we recommend that all of our patients schedule an annual well woman exam Houston, regardless of their age or stage of life. There's a variety of reasons why this exam is important, and one of those is the fact that your doctor will perform a breast cancer screening at the appointment.

Early Detection and Breast Cancer Treatment Options

As with many types of cancer, early detection of breast cancer is critical to successfully treating the disease. Regular screenings at well woman exams provide physicians with an opportunity to search for signs of the disease before it causes symptoms in the patient. For example, some women may have a lump in their breast that they are not able to feel during a self breast exam. If the woman is scheduling regular well woman exams on a yearly basis, the doctors at Plaza OBGYN have a better chance of identifying the lump while it is still small and the cancer is still confined to the breast itself. In the event of a diagnosis, early detection often provides both the doctor and patient with more treatment options than if the cancer had been discovered at an advanced stage when the woman was already experiencing symptoms of the disease.

Types of Breast Cancer Screenings that are Performed

The types of screenings that are performed on an individual patient will vary based on the age of the patient and their risk for developing breast cancer. Types of breast cancer screenings that may be performed at a well woman exam Houston include:

  • Self breast exam — Women are encouraged to do a self breast exam on a regular basis. By performing these self breast exams, women will become familiar with how their breasts look and feel. If something feels out of the ordinary, women should contact their OBGYN for further screening.
  • Clinical breast exam — The physicians at Plaza OBGYN will perform a clinical breast exam at the well woman exam Houston in order to search for any signs of breast cancer.
  • Mammograms — Women with an average risk of breast cancer are encouraged to begin routine mammograms at the age of 40. These screenings provide your physician with images of the breasts that may show any signs or symptoms of cancer.

At Plaza OBGYN, our physicians are experts in the industry who are not only dedicated to helping women stay healthy, but truly passionate about women's health care. At your annual well woman exam Houston, we will review the key aspects of your overall health, and perform screenings that allow us to identify any potential issues with your health. Our goal is to ensure that each patient receives personalized service and care at our practice, and we take pride in our results. To schedule your well woman exam Houston with one of our OBGYN doctors, contact us today.

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