Is IVF My Only Option?: What Your Houston Infertility Doctors Can Do for You

Is IVF My Only Option?: What Your Houston Infertility Doctors Can Do for You

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When some people think of infertility treatment, they may conclude that it is all about IVF. However, there are many other options to treat infertility; our Houston infertility doctors have numerous options at our disposal. Here are some of the options you can expect.

Use of Fertility drugs for Ovulation Induction

The commonly used drugs in infertility treatment are gonadotropins and clomiphene. These are hormones which occur within the body and that help to trigger the release of eggs during ovulation. Most women will have to use them for about six months before they can conceive.

One of the major side effects of using fertility drugs is that they increase the chances of having twins. They also cause breast tenderness, hot flashes, mood swings, ovarian cysts, thick and dry cervical mucus, and mild depression. In about 20 percent of those that use gonadotropins, it leads to enlarged ovaries and fluid buildup in the abdominal area.

About 40 percent of those who use clomiphene conceive in the third treatment cycle. For gonadotropins, the success rate is about 15 percent with time intercourse.

Minimally Invasive Reproductive Surgery

Surgery for fibroid removal and other blockages may be done on an outpatient basis or may require a hospital stay. It is used to treat abnormalities remove scarring, and clear blockages in the man or woman. This treatment is recommended for women who have scarring and blockage in the fallopian tubes.

After the laparoscopic surgery, it is quite normal to experience some pain in the back and shoulders. It is caused by the use of carbon dioxide to inflate organs to make it easy to view them. The incisions could also be sore for a short while after the surgery. T

he success is dependent on the condition and the type of surgery performed. It is estimated that about 59 percent of women who have their fallopian tubes unclogged are able to conceive.

Intrauterine Insemination

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) entails the introduction of sperm in the woman’s uterus to help with fertilization. The aim of this procedure is to increase the number of sperm reaching the fallopian tubes. The procedure gives sperm a head start but the sperm still must reach the egg on their own. It is quite affordable and less invasive compared to IVF.

The success of this procedure depends on how often the couple has it down. If they go for IUI every month, the chances of conceiving can be as high as 20%. This figure may be influenced by other factors such as the age of the female and the cause of infertility.

Steps to Improve Sperm Quality

If you and your partner are having a problem conceiving, it may be because of low sperm count. If a man is suffering for from varicocele, surgery is the most common option. There are many other options including antibiotics to treat urinary tract infections, hormone treatment, and the use of assisted reproductive technology.

The success rates vary a lot depending on the kind of condition you have.

If you are having difficulty conceiving, visit our Plaza OB/GYN offices. We can help you with infertility conditions you may be facing. We offer all the options described above after conducting a careful diagnosis of the cause of your infertility.
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