Importance of Getting STD/HIV Testing at Annual Exam to Prevent Gynecological Conditions

Importance of Getting STD/HIV Testing at Annual Exam to Prevent Gynecological Conditions

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An annual gynecological exam is important for women of all ages. Beginning between the ages of 18 and 21, women should regularly visit their OB-GYN for a well woman exam Houston. These exams include a variety of components, such as STD and HIV testing. Any woman who is sexually active should consider having these tests performed, as they can provide both you and your healthcare provider with insight into your general health. The results also provide you with an opportunity to identify the early onset of gynecological conditions that can be prevented or treated with early treatment options.

5 Reasons to Opt for STD and HIV Testing at Well Woman Exam Houston

  1. Early Detection
    Any woman who is sexually active is at risk for developing an STD, and the symptoms of STDs may not present themselves until years after the sexual act has occurred. It's important to recognize that the stigma surrounding STDs as well as the stigma surrounding STD testing has diminished significantly in recent years, as medical professionals and the general public have a better understanding of what causes these infections and also what results from them. 
  2. Regular Verification
    Women with multiple sex partners or new sex partners will want to continually receive testing in order to verify that they do not have any STDs or infections. The risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection does not decrease with time, as women may increase the number of sexual partners that they have. It's important to recognize that you are at risk of developing a condition not simply from the partner you engage in sexual activity with, but also from anyone that your partner has had sex with in their lifetime.
  3. Minimize Risk
    STDs that are not treated can increase the risk factors for other gynecological conditions that may have a significant impact on an a woman's general health and lifestyle. When an STD is not diagnosed or identified, it can lead to more complex health conditions for women. For example, STDs can increase the risk of cervical cancer. When identified and treated early, the onset of cervical cancer can be prevented through additional monitoring and early treatment options. In addition, women who test positive for STDs will want to receive extra monitoring and treatment during pregnancy, as some STDs can be transferred to the baby during the delivery.
  4. Convenient
    STD testing is generally not invasive and can quickly be completed. In most cases, STD testing is completed at the same time that a woman is receiving a pap test and a pelvic exam. It only takes several seconds to swab for STDs, and it is generally not painful. In addition, women can opt to receive STD testing through a blood test. Either option provides women with a quick, effective and non-invasive way to learn more about their sexual and reproductive health, as well as their general wellbeing.
  5. Strictly Confidential
    Any information about the tests, the results or counseling that you receive from your OB/GYN are strictly confidential. It can be uncomfortable for a woman to discuss her sexual history and her sexual partners with a healthcare provider, but it's important to be honest and forthright during your well woman exam Houston. This allows your physician to provide you with the best care possible. All conversations that you have with your doctor, as well as any testing and subsequent results, are completely confidential. Your privacy will be protected, and you can feel comfortable and confident in the treatment that you are receiving from your OB/GYN.

According to the Center for Disease Control, STD testing is an important part of any individual's well visits, as it is an easy and non-invasive way to learn more about your general wellbeing and allows you to receive the best care possible from your health care providers. For more information on STD testing at your well woman exam Houston, contact Plaza OB/GYN today. We would be happy to provide you with the resources you need and will help you schedule an annual gynecological exam.

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